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Kaiser Customer Service Portal
  • I was hired on to help repair a broken customer service application that Kaiser created internally. The application was written in Flex and HTML. I added unit tests using Flex Unit. I used Fixtures and Mock data to write those tests.
  • Skills used on the project:
    1. Flex (MXML, ActionScript)
    2. Maven
    3. Postman
    4. Cairngorm MVC
    5. Flex Builder
    6. Flex Unit
    7. Java
    8. CSS

Loan Guru
  • I help startup company Boo Mortgage with a product Loan Guru. It was a website that would find you the best loan.
  • Skills used on the project:
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. JavaScript
    4. Java
    5. JSP
    6. Struts