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Space Burger
  • A VR experience created in Unity3d.
  • Skills used on the project:
    1. Unity 3d
    2. C#
    3. Microsoft Windows
    4. Steam VR
    5. .Net
    6. Game

First Look Online
  • I was brought on to architect this new bold project called “First Look Online” National Cinemedia develops most of the slides and entertainment before you see a movie and they wanted a web portal to math that experience. They built a video prototype on how they wanted it to work and I had to figure out a way to make that happen.
  • Skills used on the project:
    1. Flex Builder
    2. Flex (MXML, ActionScript)
    3. C#
    4. Cairngorm MVC
    5. Design Patterns MVC Observer Singleton
    6. REST APIs
    7. Adobe Photoshop
    8. CSS

REST API translator
  • There is an issue with flex that it can’t understand all the verbs that go with the REST API. I had to create a translator in C# where The flex app would communicate with the REST APIs.
  • Skills used on the project:
    1. C#
    2. Visual Studio
    3. REST APIs

Online Game web site.
  • I was brought on to program games for their game website. I created 4 game engines for the website. The games were created in Flash and the website was in
  • Skills used on the project:
    1. C#
    2. ASP.Net
    3. HTML
    4. CSS
    5. Flash