• Able to learn software very quickly.
    • Use applications and databases that work on multiple platforms (PC/Ubuntu/Mac/iOS/Android) 
    • Positive Leader, able to lead teams to meet deadlines.
    • Believe in cost effectiveness and automation, able to look for solutions that save time and money.
    • Big Supporter of Open Source Products.
    • Looking new technology stack environment.
    • Use design patterns MVC, singletons, observer pattern.  

Technical Skills: 
Operating System:  Windows, OSX, Ubuntu 19.10 (main system)
Languages: ActionScript 3.0, C# , MXML, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Xamarin, SQL, Python, Lingo, Dart, VB Script, PHP, Java 
Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, Vue, Django, Flutter, Bootstrap, .Net
IDEs: VSCode, Sublime, Flash Buider, Intellij, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Unity3d, Jupyter Notebook
Package Managers: pip, Composer, NPM 
Flex Technologies: Flex, AIR, RIA, Starling, Spark Components, Skinning
Application Servers: IIS, Apache, Flash Remoting
API Development: Postman, REST, Soap, JSon
Web Server Technologies: Ruby on Rails,  WebORB, BlazeDs, AMF, Struts, JSP
Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Tools: Flex, Flash, Unity, Steam VR, Director, Blue Fish, Firefox, Thunderbird, Jenkins, Libre Office.
Ticket Tracking: JIRA 
Code Repositories: git, svn, Visual Sourcesafe.  
Testing: Flexunit, TestComplete
Virtualization: VMWare , VirtualBox, Parallels 

Professional Experience:

Ronin Unplugged LLC (Personal Internal Projects while maintaining Advanta project)     October 2018 – present 
    • Developing a 3D game.
    • Developing a VR 3D game.
    • Using C# Unity3d
    • Using Steam VR
    • Using Xamarin/C#
    • Using Angular to build a prototype. 
    • Using React to build a prototype
    • Using Vue JS to build a prototype
    • Using S3 (AWS) For mobile App. 
    • Using Python to build a prototype, game, and API
    • Taken Udemy course “Complete Python boot camp”
    • Taking Udemy course “Complete React Developer in 2020”
    • Taking Udemy course “Vue JS 2 – The Complete guide”
Environment: Unity, Visual Studio, Sublime, Juypter Notebook, Postman  

Ronin Unplugged (Consulted to Advanta)                                                             March 2014 – present (currently maintaining) 
    • Architected front end Flex Air App.
    • Created a Portal track time to cases/claims. 
    • Created a Portal edit/create cases.
    • Improved Claims Portal. 
    • Created a Portal to search through Panel members.
    • Used MVC to communicate between portals. 
    • Created a universal communicated object. 
    • Used design patterns.
Environments: Flash Builder, Intellij, Postman   

Kforce (Consulted to: Kaiser Permanente)                                                            November 2013 – March 2014
    • Updated Costumer service Portal using flex. 
    • Updated HTML web pages. 
    • Created a Test Driven Development plan.
    • Created Fixtures and Mock data for Tests. 
Environment: Flash Builder, Postman

Volt (Consulted to: nMetric)                                                                                    October 2013 – November 2013
    • Updated iLogic Gant Chart in Flex.
    • Increase speed of custom components.
    • Updated HTML/JavaScript web pages.
    • Use git as repository. 
Environment: Flash Builder, Postman

Solü Technology (Consulted to: Paychex)                                                             July 2013 - August 2013
    • Created a Test Driven Development plan.
    • Used intellij for flex development.
    • Experience with interesting curious non MVC frameworks.  
    • Created prototypes using other custom MVC frameworks.
Environment: Intellij, Flash Builder

Arena: Battle of freedom (mobile game)                                                             January 2013 - June 2013
Architect/Writer/Graphic designer  
    • Used the Starling framework to create hardware accelerated graphics.
    • Used modern design patterns Singletons, Observer Pattern. 
    • Mobile application that will be delivered to Android and iOS tablets. 
    • Creating original art for the game using Photoshop.
Environment: Flash Builder 

Pinnacol Assurance                                                                                       April 2010 – January 2013
Advanced Web Developer
    • Created a customer service application in Flex that the users needed little or no training.
    • Created a medical associate application that simplified processes in Flex.
    • Maintained and develop a First Report of Injury App decreased loading time from 40 seconds to 4.
    • Created a web service that creates and combines PDFs and serve them back to the application in Ruby on Rails.
Environment: Flash Builder, TextMate

Alumni Consulting (Consulted to: Pinnacol Assurance)                       January 2010 – April 2010
    • Began working on the customer service application for Pinnacol. 
Environment: Flash Builder

People Movers (Consulted to: Comcast Media Center)                     February 2009 – November 2009
    • Built Administration tools using Flex/AIR/Web services/XML/Cairngorm.
    • Built Window popup from tool Menu using Flex/AIR/Web services/XML/Cairngorm.
    • Wrote deployment scripts for Flex/AIR application for ANT.
Environment: Flash Builder

Robert Half (Consulted to: Sparrow LLC)                                                 September 2008 – January 2009
    • Built a complex 3D Flash/Flex Menu.
    • Used Cairngorm Framework. 
    • Created RSS Feed reader using Flex and PHP
Environment: Flash Builder

Peak 8 Solutions 					                     July 2008 – September 2008 
    • Worked with an Adobe AIR application. 
    • Developed an application with Flex 3 and the SHU library. 
    • Built automatic Unit Tests by building AIR application without IDE.
Environment: Flash Builder

ShareTop 						                      April August 2008 – July 2008 
Flex Interface Architect
    • Created a product named ShareTop has a Flex interface using WebORB, PHP, and MySQL Backend.  
Environment: Flash Builder

5280 Solutions (Consulted to: National CineMedia) 		       November 2007 – April 2008
Flash Flex Software Architect / Consultant
    • Apart of the original team to architect the website.  
    • The website ran on Adobe Flex on the visual layer, WebORB as a middle layer, and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as the database server. 
    • Also used Cairngorm as a framework inside flex. 
    • Used C# and .Net for a backend API
    • Personally developed two sections for the website, the game section and the chat section.
    • The game section showed stats of the user's scores on the games using the Cairngorm framework and were displayed in flex.  I also developed the games In Flash using ActionScript 3.0.
    • The chat section used the WebORB Middle layer to communicate with the users. The interface was developed in Flex. The chat had voice and video to go with it.
Environment: Flash Builder

JM Marketing/QSL Marketing  				                        May 2004 – 2007
Flash architect, Software Engineer and Technical Manager
    • Created a database Flash Game Engine running on SQL Server and C# backend
    • Architected a new system in C# and SQL Server 2005
    • Use XP Programming to migrate FoxPro Database to SQL Server 2005 / C#
    • Lead a team to setup a new Office in Phoenix Arizona.
    • Responsible for hiring employees for new office.
    • Created an invoicing program that uses AJAX.
Environment: FoxPro, Windows, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2005, Flash, AJAX, Visual Studio 2005. 					                        2006
PHP Consultant
    • Created an Object oriented Calendar system in PHP and used MySQL as the database.
    • Advised another programmer on PHP.
    • Created the original database in My SQL.
Environment: Linspire (Linux), MySQL, Blue Fish  

Montano Solaria 					                        2005
Flash Software Engineer
    • Developed a non linear HD Flash streaming video kiosk for Comcast that streamed and managed memory.
Environment: Windows, Mac 

PickCo LLC 						                        September 2002 – May 2004
Software Engineer
    • Developed hybrid compact discs that cross platform between pc / Mac using Macromedia Director.
    • Updated existing website search feature with an improved search capabilities using Microsoft indexing service and ASP.
    • Created database applications that operate in both Mac and PC environments.
Environment:  Windows, Mac, Adobe Director (Macromedia), HomeSite, MacDisk

Boo Mortgage / The LoanGuru 				                       November 2001 – March 2002
Software Engineer
    • Developed the web front end in HTML / JSP / Struts.  
    • Created the second-generation design using PhotoShop / Freehand.
    • Participated in cold call efforts to boost membership for the web site. 
Environment: Windows, Forte, PhotoShop, Java, Struts

Refinery Inc.  						                       September 2000 – June 2001 
Flash DHTML Senior Web Developer & Programmer
    • Lead technical development projects for clients such as Qwest, MortgageRamp, Scott’s Liquid Gold, Sony Pictures, and Warner Brothers.
    • Fixed multiple Netscape specific problems relating to web site optimization and browser consistency.
    • Developed proprietary DHTML menu systems built for frequent customization.
    • Worked with Project Manager and Team Members to identify project goals, budget and timeline issues.
Environment: Windows, Dreamweaver, HomeSite, IIS, Netscape JavaScript Debugger, Flash, Anark, Photoshop, ImageReady.

Lansa  							                      June 2000 – August 2000
Technical Consultant
    • Worked closely with development staff on a migration project with console applications.
    • Conceptualized, designed and developed a menu system to work in multiple browsers allowing for n-tier of navigational choices.
Environment: Windows 2000, Internal Lansa software, JavaScript Debugger, AS400.

Evergreen New Media 					                      February 1999 - May 2000  
Programming Specialist
    • Developed Internet games, such as Blackjack and Slots by utilizing Director and Flash software technology in conjunction with JavaScript, DHTML, and ASP.
    • Developed a live online streaming concert site that broadcasts concerts built using Real Media Server.  
    • Built CD-ROM presentations to dynamically showcase product information for sales purposes.
    • Served also as the system administration for company servers, and workstations.
    • Used ColdFusion with a Banking Site. 
    • Created a Java Applet for a Casino Game.
Environment: Windows, Adobe Director (Macromedia), IIS, HomeSite, Flash, Photoshop, ImageReady, Java

    • University of Colorado at Denver         2002                   Denver, CO
Finished a year towards Computer Science Degree. GPA 3.5

    • Community College of Aurora              2001 – 2002       Denver, CO
GPA 3.6

    • Colorado Institute of Art                     1997-1998          Denver, CO           
Degree: Associates Degree in Multimedia with an emphasis in Computer Animation

    • University of Northern Colorado            1994 – 1997       Denver, CO
Degree: Mathematics emphasis in Computer Science (DNF)